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Network Fax Server

Faxes continue to driver many strategic business functions and processes. Network fax server is able to transform fax into a business transaction tool that delivers business documents at internet speed.

FaxCore | RightFax | GFI FaxMaker


Edox Point of Sales

Edox Point of Sales provides retailers and small business owners the flexibility and control over daily sales activities from sales transactions, discount management, ordering management, inventory control and staff management (time attendance system).

Developed on the next generation .NET framework and leverages on the open source MySQL database, Edox Point of Sales enables retailers to keep track of millions of sales records and information giving them the essential information about their business.

Edox Point of Sales

Intranet & Web Portal

An intranet or enterprise portal can unite an organization by delivering a centralized, reliable source for information, applications, and collaboration systems. A portal, implying a single point of entry, is a category of software that helps firms to implement intranets, especially in large-scale, complex environments. It unifies fundamental services, such as security, search, personalization, publishing, and subscription.

Microsoft SharePoint


Edox Web & Email Hosting

Every professional organizations today require a website or e-mail facilities. We strive to provide the best service and quality products to all our clients to ensure the uptime, performance, and reliability are in place. Being a client of Edox Solutions, you can be assured that your website and e-mails are managed by a team of professionals, enabling you to focus on building your business without the worry of service disruptions. 

Edox Web Hosting

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