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Fax Works. FaxCore Makes It Better
The paperless office is a myth. You depend on paper faxes for orders, critical documents, invoices and more. So instead of a bloated grated communications management system穴h features you젍 never use, get what you need: a fax-centric solution that makes critical fax traffic faster, more mobile and easier to manage.

FaxCore: Fax Solutions By Fax Specialists       
FaxCore is the next generation of network fax software: a high-performance engine designed to track, document, manage and deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. The only major fax solution built native for MicrosoftஎET platform, FaxCore lets your organization leverage the full potential of fax⣨iving vital data, speeding communication and fax-enabling your applications. FaxCore is technology that adapts to how you use fax every day. Not the other way around.

Unique Product Features:




Automatic Archiving
FaxCore offers the most powerful document archiving available. Incoming faxes are immediately stored, indexed and can be retrieved with any web browser as JPEG, GIF, PDF or TIFF files.

Total Fax Tracking
Modeled after the browser-based tracking systems used by top shipping companies, FaxCore tracks incoming and outgoing faxes before, during and after transmission. Arrival confirmation, time of delivery, undeliverable notification, alternate fax numbers, transmission replay and much more.

Fax-enable Applications
Leveraging our .NET architecture and superior Software Developer Kit, IT professionals can easily fax-enable CRM, ERP, Exchange, e-mail, and office productivity software with less than 10 lines of code.

The BrookTrout Advantage
FaxCore software is built for BrooktroutԒ1034 and TR114 fax boards 䨥 industry standard in intelligent fax hardware. Brooktrout is the muscle behind FaxCore 튣reating a reliable and integrated solution. More info on the Brooktrout TR1034 and TR114 intelligent faxboard.


Fax-enable Applications:
Microsoft Exchange
Lotus Notes
Microsoft Office
Siebel Systems

Track Telecom Billing
This unique feature saves the billing attributes of every transmission, telling you exactly what the phone company is billing you for fax traffic. Proactively monitor your fax costs and shop pricing.

Native .NET Design
FaxCore is built on Microsoft஥xt generation .NET platform. Integrate FaxCore into your network and create new document delivery and mobility services faster than ever.




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