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   Edox Point of Sales (Retail Management)


Edox POS is responsible in controlling the activities of retail businesses to provide business owners and employees the complete set of tools to operate, manage and monitor daily business activities.

By having Edox POS in place, business owners would have a better control and overview of daily sales transactions, staff performance, purchasing activities and total overview of the business performance.

Suitable for all types of retail outlets:-

Telecommunication/Mobile Phones
Bookstores/Magazines Stores
Groceries/Mini Mart
... and many more



Benefits of Edox Point of Sales

Create a complete view of your business.

With Edox POS, you will be able to access up-to-date information and overview of your business. Edox POS generates sales, purchasing, staff record and other reports for business owners such as yourself to make critical business decisions and monitoring the business success.

Improved customer service.

With Edox POS in place performing critical sales activities such as ordering, processing and generating bills for your customers, this will greatly increase the customer service level without having to increase the head count of your staff.

Ease of use and User friendliness.

Edox POS interface is designed with the users in mind, giving a familiar Windows XP liked graphical and intuitive interface, your users will be able to familiarize with the system in no time.


Restaurant Management Interface

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Restaurant Floor Plan

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Key Features

Supports Multiple Cash Registers and Ordering Station
Inventory Control(retail)/Ingredient Control (restaurants)
Touch Screen Ready
PDA (Microsoft Pocket PC) Client - Wireless Ready
Product Photos
Support for industry standard hardware (Bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash registers & customer display)
Built on Microsoft .NET framework & MySQL database
Crystal Reporting - Daily Sales Reports, Top Sales Item
Membership Management - Discount, Loyalty Programs
Staff Management - Punch Card (Time Attendance & Overtime Calculations)
... and many more

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